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Events / Parties

Come enjoy BTTC  

There is something for everyone at BTTC...

Choose from the many events we offer for your health and enjoyment or put together something that is your PONG DREAM...maybe "GLOW PONG"!!!...guaranteed you will remember it "FOREVER"!!!


Corporate Team Building Events


Thinking about doing something to boost morale and team work among your corportate staff or employees? Well our "OLYMPIC DAY TEAM BUILDING EVENT" is for you! While going through our hand picked challenges, your teams will be setting goals on a time limit & earning bonus points just like in the corporate world. But they will be having a "Blast" while bonding in a fun atmosphere.


For more information and pricing contact us 

Networking Events

Let us create a "PONG BIZZ-BUZZ" Networking Event for your:

City/County Chamber of Commerce LinkedIn Friends

Company Clients Or any organization that is looking to Network in a unique way!


For more information and pricing contact us  

Junior Camps

Gather up your friends and schoolmates and plan to schedule a "Junior Table Tennis Camp"! 

Just for fun or for you and your serious pong friends or join our established junior players. Schedule your own or join our BTTC Junior Camps scheduled during holidays, spring/winter break and summers!


For more information and pricing contact us 




Fundraising Events

Does your company, organization or foundation have a favorite charity and you're tired of the same old Golf Tournament or 5K Run? Let us create a "Pong Tournament" or a "Pong-A-thon" or a "Glow Pong" Event!


For more information and pricing contact us 



Church/Temple Events


Want a different way to celebrate a First Communion or Conformation or celebrate a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah? Let us create a unique party they won't forget!

Want a fun and different way to bring your congragation together? Start a Junior and Adult table tennis league!


For more information and pricing contact us 


Highschool Club events

Now that you've started your School Table Tennis Club, it's time to schedule your players a clinic to hone their skills and then get on our School vs School fall league schedule.


For more information and pricing contact us 



Corporate Tournaments

Add one more "Competitive Challenge" in your CORPORATE WORLD.....A CORPORATE TOURNAMENT!!!


For fun or your favorite charity, it brings out the best in everyone...


Formats: Team - Round Robin - Gender catagory


For more information and pricing contact us  

Friend Clinics

For those of you that want to better your game in a group atmosphere, gather up your friends and let us set up a "Group Clinic" for you! You will get to enjoy your friends while learning, tweaking and perfecting your strokes. Then finish off the session with games for that days bragging rights!!!


For more information and pricing contact us  

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Birthday Parties

Parties for Young and Old...from Birth to 30 Something and "BEYOND"!!!


Your food or our food, your decorations or ours...


For more information and pricing contact us 

Senior Citizen's Day

Tired of playing canaster, gin rummy or checkers at the local rec center? Well gather your "Forever Young" friends and come join us for one of the healthiest aerobic sports that keeps the brain as alert as when you came into this world! So put aside your cards and let us know what day you set aside for this great event!


For more information and pricing contact us 

Home School Events


Looking for something to fill that Physical Education time slot in your child's homeschool curriculum? Well we have the perfect thing, a Pong Semester! Future Stars Grades 3-5 and Super Stars Grades 6-8. They will do exercises and learn the basic and advanced strokes of the game while having fun!


For more information and pricing contact us 

International Exchange Training

Want to expose your country's Junior or National Team to the USA?

Then BTTC's "NATIONAL CLUB OF EXCELLENCE" is for you. We can arrange a camp for your team or private training and sparing for individual players that want to come visit or study at some of the best schools in Florida. Group and individual packages available.


For more information and pricing contact us 


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